Residential Services in Sauk Rapids, MN

Has your toddler accidentally flushed their favorite toy down your toilet? Is your shower drain gurgling and taking forever to drain? It’s problems like these that demand an expert solution to drain unclogging and sewer line maintenance in Sauk Rapids, Benton County, Sartell, St Cloud, and Waite Park, MN.

AAA Sewer & Drain Cleaning is your go-to source for cleaning and blockage remediation. Thanks to decades of experience and state-of-the-art equipment, we’re well-equipped to tackle your clogged drain and to help you keep your pipes in the best condition possible. Some of the core services we offer include:

  • Drain cleaning: Everything from hard water to tree roots can cause your drains to become blocked up or narrowed, eventually leading to blockages or backflow. Our experts will provide hydro jetting services, designed to clear your pipes of any lingering buildups. We’ll keep your drains flowing to the fullest with comprehensive pipe clearing in Sauk Rapids, MN!
  • Unclogging: Got a drain that’s not draining water? We get to the bottom of clogs quickly. We can auger or hydro jet lines free of any blockages to get everything flowing once again. Or, if the problem is deep within your pipes, we’re able to use camera snakes to see exactly what the problem is.
  • Sewer line inspections: Knowing the condition of your sewer line means being able to anticipate problems before they arise. We use camera snakes to inspect every inch of your sewer line, keeping you abreast of any problems that might be lurking.
  • Frozen pipe thawing: Frozen pipes pose a number of hazards. We’ll help you defrost and insulate frozen pipes before it bursts or leaks, saving you major headaches and repair costs in the future.

For more information about any of the drain inspection, unclogging or other residential and commercial services we offer, please contact us today by calling 320-252-6330.

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